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As of November 2020 - new splash water chamber - 1000l

Successful products usually have a straight history: an innovative idea evolves into a dynamic project which results in a sophisticated and highly competitive product.
Crucial for a successful product are meticulous production and maximum reliability as well as future-oriented thinking and extensive know-how since current demands on quality and safety of a product are at the highest levels.

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The state-of-the-art test systems of Telus offer you a wide range of possibilities combined with maximum precision when it comes to the testing and certification of your innovative products.

Nothing convinces as much as quality.

and personal support

Your potential lies in your innovations and products. With Telus, an experienced partner accompanies you, both extremely flexible and efficient, on the path to production and series maturity. From the initial discussion throughout the entire testing phase to the successful completion of the certification process according to national and international standards, such as DIN EN 60068, IEC 68, ISO 16750 or MIL STD 810, our collective expertise is available to you, always independent and project-oriented.
Be it automotive technology, rail sector, telecommunications, engineering, aerospace or medical engineering – we find straightforward solutions to your highly complex tasks.
Safeguard your competitive advantage.

Experts at work!

Accredited since 1995, you can rest assured that there are only experts working at Telus. In 2002, after an inspection conducted by the institutions DAP/BAM2, Telus extended the accreditation to the new international accreditation norm DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

Download accreditation certificate in German, short version

Download accreditation certificate in German, long version