Vibration Tests ... sinusoidal, random, SoR, shock

With our state-of-the-art electrodynamic shakers we are in a position to flexibly cater to our customers' needs. Our shakers can be equipped with slip tables and head expanders to individually meet the customer's specification. Our equipment in the field of vibration / mechanical shock test systems includes a shock tester.

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slip tables
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up to kN

Our scope of service comprises:

  • Vibration, sinusoidal
  • Vibration, random
  • Vibration, sine on random
  • Vibration, random on random
  • Resonance search
  • Mechanical shock (classical shock)
  • Shock response spectrum synthesis (SRS)

Naturally, combinations with climatic tests are also feasible. For more information please consult our section „Combined Tests“.