Ingress protection tests (IP) ... dust, water

In the field of ingress protection tests we offer tests for different IP protection codes and other tests. With a new IP test chamber and a new splash water chamber (1000 l, 2 jets) we are prepared for the future.

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Our scope of service in the field of protection against foreign objects (water, dust, contact), e. g. ISO 20653; DIN EN 60529; LV124: M-03, K-10, K-11, comprises:

  • Dust (IP5Kx and IP6Kx)
  • Water drips (IPx1 and IPx2)
  • Splash water (IPx3, IPx4 and IPx4K)
  • High velocity water (IPx5, IPx6 and IPx6K)
  • Immersion (IPx7 and IPx8)
  • High pressure steam jet (IPx9K)

Our scope of service in the field of ice water shock test, e. g. ISO 16750-4: Ch. 5.4; LV124: K-12 and K-13, comprises:

  • Splash water test
  • Submersion test

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